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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Battles - Gloss Drop‎ (2011) (AWESOME !!!)

Genre : Math-rock
Buy (Out 5th June 11 : Download, CD & Double Vinyl)

Tracklist :

01. Africastle
02. Ice Cream (feat. Matias Aguayo)
03. Futura
04. Inchworm
05. Wall Street
06. My Machines (feat. Gary Numan)
07. Dominican Fade
08. Sweetie & Shag (feat. Kazu Makino)
09. Toddler
10. Rolls Bayce
11. White Electric
12. Sundome (feat. Yamantaka Eye)

Battles is an American rock band that formed in New York City in 2002. The group is composed of drummer John Stanier (formerly of Tomahawk and Helmet), guitarist/keyboardist Ian Williams (formerly of Don Caballero and Storm & Stress), guitarist Dave Konopka (formerly of Lynx), and, until August 2010, guitarist/keyboardist/vocalist Tyondai Braxton (son of Avantgarde Jazz musician Anthony Braxton).

Gloss Drop is Battles first album as a trio, which means it’s also the first without Tyondai Braxton. However, the band has songs with the likes of Gary Numan (yes, Gary Numan), and Kazu Makino from Blonde Redhead to help out with guest vocals on some songs. Who else can’t wait to hear the Numan featured song: “My Machines”?

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