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Friday, November 19, 2010

Halves - It Goes, It Goes (Forever & Ever) (2010) (AWESOME !!!)

Genre : Post-rock, Ambient, Experimental, Ireland

Tracklist :

1. Land/Sea/People
2. Blood Branches
3. Darling, You'll Meet Your Maker
4. Growing & Glow
5. The Little Octoberist
6. Only Safe Landings
7. Haunt Me When I'm Drowsy
8. The Wellwisher
9. I Raise Bears
10. Don't Send Your Kids To The Lakes
11. Mountain Bell

Electric guitars, bass, drumkit, piano, electric violin, viola, glockenspiel, accordian, synth, vocoder, reed organ, melodica, sleigh bells, bell chorus, omnichord, saw, laptops, loop samplers, and various effects.This is Ireland post rock band Halves.

As played by Brian Cash, Elis Czerniak, Tim Czerniak & Dave Scanlon.
It’s been long in the making but Halves‘ debut long player titled It Goes, It Goes (Forever & Ever) will finally be with us on October 29th on CD and Deluxe gatefold vinyl (with free mp3 download). ‘Darling, You’ll Meet Your Maker’ is the first free download from the album and its rich artful instrumentation sums up Halves’ modus operandi perfectly.

It Goes, It Goes (Forever & Ever) was recorded in Godspeed You! Black Emperor’s studios Hotel2Tango in Montreal with Efrim Menuck in August of 2009. 11 songs were recorded live, in one large room on 2″ reel-to-reel tape with the use of the studio’s vast collection of instruments, amps, organs, effects (most of which dated from 1930s-1980s). Additional recording took place in the band’s own studio The Windfarm with Richard McCullough. Perfomers on the album include Amy Millan (Stars/BSS), Katie Kim, Phil Boughton (Subplots), Canadian harpist Elaine Kelly-Canning, Irish Chamber brass and string players and 27 members of the Kilkenny choir.

[me]Finaly !!! Their Debut Album. And it's AWESOME !!! Yay !!! I'm really, really love their EP "Halves - Haunt Me When I’m Drowsy" from 2008. You can get it here!

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