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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Codes in the Clouds - Paper Canyon Recycled (2010) (AWESOME !!!)

Genre : Post-rock, Ambient, Remix, Electronica, UK

Tracklist :

1. Don't Go Awash in This Digital Landscape (feat. Paul Mullen / yourcodenameis:milo)
2. Distant Street Lights (iambic Remix)
3. You Are Not What You Think You Are (Rival Consoles Remix)
4. Fractures (The Soul's Release Remix)
5. We Anchor in Hope (Tom Hodge Remix)
6. The Distance Between Us (The Echelon Effect Remix)
7. Distant Street Lights (A Dancing Beggar Remix)
8. We Anchor in Hope (worriedaboutsatan Remix)
9. The Distance Between Us (Library Tapes Remix)
10. We Anchor in Hope (Machinefabriek Remix)
11. The Distance Between Us (Nils Frahm Remix)
12. Don't Go Awash in This Digital Landscape (Maybeshewill Remix)
13. You Are Not What You Think You Are (Baked Clouds Remix)
14. You Are Not What You Think You Are (Evolv Remix)
15. The Distance Between Us (Float Remix)
16. The Distance Between Us (Message to Bears Remix)

Codes in the Clouds is a five-piece, British post-rock band signed with Erased Tapes Records. The band's first album, "Paper Canyon", was put out in 2009 and received very favorable reviews. But even before it came out, friends of the band and record label were already taking a crack at remixing the album.

After nearly two years of work, with submissions from numerous artists, the "Paper Canyon Recycled" remix album has finally hit shelves. What was initial intended to be a digital-only release, turned into a limited edition CD release, with high-quality, recycled cardboard sleeve (how fitting.) Profits from physical sales go to helping the environmental group "Friends of the Earth". Each physical album, bought from Erased Tapes, comes with a free digital-download code for an exclusive "Digital Bundle" of the CD, which includes the entire album plus 5 exclusive bonus tracks, not found on physical release.

There are some pretty awesome names in the list of remixers on this album, including names like Maybeshewill, Rival Consoles, yourcodenameis:milo, worriedaboutsatan, The Echelon Effect, and Nils Frahm. Each track takes on a life of it's own, breathing new life into an old album, giving it a totally unique sound, the way a remix album should be. You won't find yourself board to tears with hearing the same songs over and over again, simply rehashed with some different drums or guitars. Quite the opposite. You're likely to find yourself wondering how some of these songs have anything to do with the originals at all.

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