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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Talons – Hollow Realm (2010) (AWESOME !!!)

Genre : Post-rock, UK
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Tracklist :

1. St Mary Will Be The Death Of Us All
2. Peter Pan
3. In The Shadows Of Our Stilted Homes
4. An Expected Future Event
5. Iris
6. Impala
7. Great Railroads
8. Hollow Depth

UK instrumental band Talons have worked themselves into the public with sold out single releases and high profile support slots ranging from Manchester Orchestra to Grammatics. Their first single “The Pearl”, released in August 2009, unleashed the mind-blowing music the six-piece had to offer with considerable reception from the press. Followed by two extremely limited split singles; “Bethlehem” (selling out merely on pre-orders) and “Anthropods”, flying off the shelves just as quickly, the band announced the release of their debut album Hollow Realm via Big Scary Monsters. With an extensive UK tour to back it up and dates throughout Europe, they are embarking on exposing their masterpieces to foreign audiences for the first time.

Produced by former ¡Forward, Russia! Front man Tom Woodhead, Hollow Realm clocks in at 40 minutes over 8 tracks that flawlessly flow collectively. Throughout those tracks Talons present immense musical diversity. Album opener “St. Mary Will Be The Death Of Us All” initiates the extent to which the sextet fuse their choice of instrumentation with the focus being on violins, guitars, bass and drums. As this track highlights, it’s rather the approach Talons incorporate into their instrumentation and the progressions that marks their musical capabilities. The track illustrates an unpredictable sonic journey packed with suspense and passion leaving the listener with a desire to check out the remainder of the album.

Hollow Realm is packed with tracks soothing the most savage beast and songs as energetic as a cheetah after a six pack of Red Bull; very much like the 10 minute progressive track “Hollow Depth” exemplifies. The album showcases intense variety, distancing itself from typical post-rock instrumental bands with a myriad of influences blending classical music and math rock to name a few, resulting in powerful, effective compositions.

Hollow Realm has great crossover appeal despite its originality and personal take on combining dynamic technicality with profound songwriting. Whether on record or live, Talons capture the listener and leave them impressed and astonished. (Big Scary Monsters)

Hollow Realm is one of those records that doesn’t come along very often, but when it does you find yourself completely re-evaluating your whole idea of what this genre is all about…” 5/5 - Audioscribbler

Talons est un groupe qui excelle dans son domaine. Après démos et singles, “Hollow Realm” est à la fois un nouveau et un premier vrai départ pour les anglais…” 4/5 - Visual Music Blog

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