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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Inspirative - Floating Down Through the Clouds EP (2008) (AWESOME !!!)

Genre : Post-rock, Ambient, Shoegaze, Thailand

Tracklist :

01 – You
02 – KL Streets
03 – ระฆังลม

Inspirative is a post-rock band from Bangkok, Thailand formed in 2006. The band initially started as a solo project of Noppanan Panicharoen. All members joined in 2008 and turned into a full band consist of Noppanan Panicharoen (Guitar), Amornthep Masawang (Bass), Pongpat Phaukwattana (Guitar), Sirichai Chanmanklakul (Drums), Wuttipong Huangpetch (Piano, Vocal).
Tha band's music is composed of expansive melodic guitar based and ambient field recordings.

The band joined a label call FinalKid Group in 2007 and released 2 tracks "The Lost Moment" and "After Sunset" in the FinalKid Compilation 2. In 2008, Inspirative released a 3 songs EP "Floating Down Through The Clouds".

[me] I strongly believe that everyone should give this a go. “01 – You” is an awesome killer song. So Epic !!! Too bad, there is only 3 songs on this release. Lets hope they're release some new material soon.

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Richard Earls said...

great breezy, jangly guitar, twee-pop blended with bittersweet poetry from French indie-pop band Skittle Alley