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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Last Lungs - Look at That Old Grizzly Bear (2010)

Genre : Post-rock, UK

Tracklist :

1. Oh, Good Morning
2. 33
3. Look At That Old Grizzly Bear
4. Inglend, Part 1
5. Inglend, Part 2
6. Inglend, Part 3
7. Wax & Wane
8. Kaleidoscope
9. Now Against The Staircase, Part 1
10. Now Against The Staircase, Part 2

A meticulous merger of glistening beauty and glaring power, Last Lungs glows on their debut with a sprawling display of melody, mood and superior sonic craftsmanship. Like a old grizzly bear walking ever so gently through the forest knowing it can exert tremendous force at will, the album alternates unpredictably between explosive intensity and sparkling serenity...whispering and screaming, all without words. The flawless flow of soaring guitars and storming soundscapes aside, it's really Last Lungs' keen ability to know just when to punch in and pull back that undoubtedly casts an anchor for this band on the modern instrumental stage. "Look At That Old Grizzly Bear" is elegantly epic, sweepingly cinematic music that always pays off. Go get your headphones.

"One of the most moving live experiences to be found. Just beautifully composed ambient rock." - Glassworks

"Interesting, atmospheric and tranquil, the album casts a chilled-out spell and makes you feel that you're flying, your mind drifting through happy memories. Brilliance at work. This could become a real trendsetter..." - ArkMag

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