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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Last Days - The Safety of the North (2009) (AWESOME !!!)

Genre : IDM, Ambient, Electronica, Post-rock
Preview <<< The Link is Dead. Sorry.

Tracklist :

01. The City Failed
02. May Your Days Be Gold (Feat. Fabiola Sanchez)
03. New House
04. Fracture
05. Thoughts Of Alice
06. Run Home
07. Life Support
08. Your Silence Is The Loudest Sound
09. This Is Not An Ending
10. The Fields Remember My Father
11. Missing Photos
12. Nothing Stays The Same, Nothing Ever Ends
13. You Are Stars
14. Blue And White Flowers
15. Onwards

Last Days is Graham Richardson. After successfully finishing a degree in graphic design in 1997 Richardson went on to work in the mental health field. While this work proved rewarding all creativity had been stifled. The desire to make music had always been there and it wasn’t until 2000 after acquiring a pc, acoustic guitar and microphone Last Days began to take shape.

After living on the south coast of England for 4 years Graham decided to move north to Edinburgh, Scotland. This colder, darker climate proved to be influential in developing the Last Days sound which can be the aural equivalent to those last days of certain situations which often yield some very strong and confusing emotions. They might be the last days of a relationship, school, job, holiday, major life change or even looking back on bittersweet memories of a loved one. Richardson always makes his music with those feelings of isolation, fear and hope in mind.

Although Last Days is mainly a computer based project the music that comes out on the receiving end sounds anything but digital. Instruments are stretched and transposed further degrading the quality which gives them a sound neither acoustic nor electronic. The sound is at times lo-fi, sometimes abstract often melodic but always human, providing late night refection on those memories of last days that we all share.

[me]The new album from one of my influence in making music... Awesome !!!


Metin said...

no preview...

Jaume said...

Ohh yeahh, it looks interesting, can you add the link pleas!

Thx again mate!

monoeits said...

sorry.. all the links i had found is dead... =(

Retro said...
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monoeits said...

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good album !!!