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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Deer Tracks - Aurora (2008) (AWESOME !!!)

Genre :
Electronica, Glitch, Experimental, Post-rock, Swedish

Tracklist :

01. Yes This Is My Broken Shield
02. The Puzzled Piece
03. Slow Collision
04. 127 Sex Fyra
05. Before The Storm
06. I Bite Your Tongue
07. Christmas Fire
08. World Of Abel
09. Cast Away

The Deer Tracks
is David Lehnberg & Elin Lindfors, both children of the Swedish town of Gävle. Despite their earlier success with respective projects (Leiah, Ariel Kill Him & Twiggy Frostbite), all roads led them into this electromagnetic mist of melodies. And so, around the shift of 06/07, they met to shape electro landscapes just as sparkling as the rime that sheeted the long and hard winter nights.

“Yes this is my broken shield”, the opener to The Deer Tracks‘ debut record, is a track that could easily have overshadowed the rest of the album. And while “Aurora” never again reaches the stellar heights of the closing minutes of “…broken shield”, the band has plenty of other avenues to explore. The electronic production on “Aurora” is nothing short of fantastic, combining the glitchy with the organic, folding the vocals and guitars effortlessly into the mix, and creating dense, lavish compositions that effortlessly span the emotional range from triumphant to melancholic. Strangely, there are only little touches to connect this project to David Lehnberg’s previous bands (Leiah, Ikaros, Ariel Kill Him), with far more connections drawn to acts such as Four Tet, the Notwist, Sigur Rós“Ba ba ti ki di do” and Mew. “Aurora”, despite the range of its influences, is a distinctively Scandinavian, if not characteristically Swedish, record — showing beauty to be both a thing of wonder and tragedy, and effortlessly so. As I wrote for “Yes this is my broken shield”, The Deer Tracks have raised the bar. “Aurora” is one of the great albums of 2008.
- Lars Garvey Laing-Peterson

"Múm meets Mew meets M83 = Pretty damn alluring, huh? Sounds like a bag of dreams hovering skyward to our ears. The equation resulted in the discovery of The Deer Tracks, and a finer equation you are unlikely to discover this year."
Clash Magazine

"Fits perfectly to sit and cry to while you are looking at the leftovers of your relationship in an ashtray"

"Get this as fast as you can, - it will be a wonderful companion to the darker months to come."
Eardrums Music

"It is beautiful, it is charmingly, it is playful and becomes almost epic and majestic when the songs are blossoming out."
Meadow Music

[me]What the reviews said.. it's true! This album is awesome !!!

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Jaume said...

This band is fucking wonderfull!