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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

65daysofstatic Discography

Genre :
Math-rock, Post-rock, Electronica, Experimental

65daysofstatic began in Sheffield, United Kingdom in 2001 as Iain Armstrong, Paul Wolinski and Joe Fro. Contrary to popular belief, they did not originally form to try to write music to fit the unreleased and little known John Carpenter film, ‘Stealth Bomber’ (starring Kurt Russell). Instead, they took their name from the 1954 CIA-backed coup d’etat in Guatemala. There, the CIA put a white book instrument to use in which 65 days of disabling the communication systems of a nation while spreading propaganda is enough to overthrow a country.

65daysofstatic (also known by the abbreviation 65dos) are an instrumental electronic and post-rock band from Sheffield, UK. Their debut album, The Fall of Math, was released to critical acclaim and they have released a second album, One Time For All Time, which has also been well received.

The band intersperses heavy, progressive, guitar-driven instrumental sections with both idm-esque programmed and live drums. Their albums, as a result, maintain a distinctively gritty, almost industrial feel.

Armstrong left in May 2003, Feedle then joined for a brief period and played a part in writing the band’s first single from The Fall of Math, Retreat! Retreat! (video here). By the end of 2003 Rob Jones (drums) and Gareth (bass) had been recruited, increasing the band to four members. Gareth left around the time of the release of their debut album, The Fall of Math, to be replaced by Simon Wright. In 2005 they remixed PlayBurn from the album Crimson by Alkaline Trio. The track appears on one 7inch vinyl out of a set of 2.

Their new album, announced as ‘The Destruction of Small Ideas’, was released on the 30th of April 2007. Their new single, “Don’t Go Down To Sorrow,” was released on the 9th.

Album :

The Fall of Math (2004)


Tracklist :

1. "Another Code Against the Gone" – 1:40
2. "Install a Beak in the Heart That Clucks Time in Arabic" – 4:55
3. "Retreat! Retreat!" – 4:09
4. "Default This" – 1:43
5. "I Swallowed Hard, Like I Understood" – 5:27
6. "The Fall of Math" – 3:59
7. "This Cat is a Landmine" – 4:45
8. "The Last Home Recording" – 2:13
9. "Hole" – 4:33
10. "Fix the Sky a Little" – 5:29
11. "Aren't We All Running?" – 4:51

One Time for All Time (2005)


Tracklist :

1. "Drove Through Ghosts to Get Here" – 4:18
2. "Await Rescue" – 4:44
3. "23kid" – 4:32
4. "Welcome to the Times" – 3:53
5. "Mean Low Water" – 4:00
6. "Climbing on Roofs (DeSperate Edit)" – 2:27
7. "The Big Afraid" – 2:08
8. "65 Doesn't Understand You" – 5:36
9. "Radio Protector" – 5:26
10. "AOD" – 6:15
11. "The Major Cities Of The World Are Being Destroyed One By One By The Monsters" – 4:09

The Destruction of Small Ideas (2007)

Download Part1 Part2

Tracklist :

1. "When We Were Younger & Better" – 6:54
2. "A Failsafe" – 4:28
3. "Don't Go Down to Sorrow" – 6:55
4. "Wax Futures" – 4:03
5. "These Things You Can't Unlearn" – 6:27
6. "Lyonesse" – 3:26
7. "Music Is Music as Devices Are Kisses Is Everything" – 5:20
8. "The Distant and Mechanised Glow of Eastern European Dance Parties" – 3:33
9. "Little Victories" – 5:14
10. "Primer" – 4:51
11. "White Peak/Dark Peak" – 3:57
12. "The Conspiracy of Seeds" (featuring Circle Takes the Square) – 7:08

Singles & EP :

Stumble.Stop.Repeat. (2003)


"Retreat! Retreat!" (2004)


Hole (2005)


"Radio Protector" (2006)


Don't Go Down to Sorrow (2007)


"The Distant and Mechanised Glow of Eastern European Dance Parties" (2008)



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