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Friday, March 6, 2009

Bark Cat Bark - Á Lífi (2009) (AWESOME !!!)

Genre : Epxerimental, Ambient, Classical, Acoustic, Folk, French Pop

Tracklist :

1. Verona
2. Lac Pavin
3. Galatia
4. Iceland
5. Hóp
6. Père Lachaise
7. Intervalle
8. Á Lífi
9. Palermo a Larino

Just for a minute drop everything you are doing, pull up your ITunes and immediately download the one-man band, Bark Cat Bark. As I listen to Bark Cat Bark bundled up in blankets on this rainy morning, I am perplexed by the beauty and simplicity of these angelic instruments. His art seems devoid of pretense or hypocrisy, behind the strumming of his instruments and voice is nothing but passion. Josh Todd, the man behind the band, is quite the phenomenon. He plays a wide range of instruments such as; cello, mandolin, harpsichord, banjo, piano, harp, ukulele, glockenspiel, and many more. It’s mind-boggling how this eighteen year old, France Native prodigy, can put together melodies with such a broad variety. In my many years of being a music junkie, there have been very few musicians that I have heard that can leap from classical melodies to a digitalize electronic sound, especially in such a short career.

Bark Cat Bark’s influences include artists and bands such as; Sigur Rós, Fionn Regan, Rose Wine, Sufjan Stevens, Beirut, Yann Tiersen, William Wordworth, and Red Hunter. Writers such as Edgar Allen Poe also influence Josh Todd, which is awfully apparent because of his eerie undertones in the majority of his songs. His album ‘Sleep in Tale’ was released this summer and a new album ‘á lífi’ will be released on March 17, 2009. So muster up all those quarters and dimes on the bottom of your bags at save up for the new album, it will be a buy you won’t regret.

Listening to Bark Cat Bark will put your mind in such serenity, which seems inconceivable in today’s world where we are always in a scurry to get from Point A to Point B. Grab a cup of tea, put the heater on, situate yourself on your favorite chair, pick up a book from the bookshelf and get lost in the harmony of Bark Cat Bark.


Anonymous said...

hey there, i love the bark cat bark album, but the sound is very low..i bought the tracks from the website too, but it is the same. do you know where to buy the cd or mp3 in higher quality? thanks! norman

Anonymous said...

btw, thanks for all the great music!!! ;0)

fED said...

Excellent, thanx!!!!!

Filmer l'îlot said...

This guy stole a song from friend of mine and published it on his myspace.

Bark Cat Bark is actually making money with a song he stole from a friend of mine. The song is Coffre Fort, and according to him, he wrote the song and a gril called Béatrice Larouche sang it. He litteraly stole the song, without even bothering with changing anything to it and claimed it was his. 650 peoples already bought this song from iTunes and I think Bark Cat Bark is a thief. The original player and composer of that is Eli et Papillon and the song can easily be found, under the same name.

Pass the word.
I think it's plain artistic Rape.