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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Wixel - Winter (2009) (AWESOME !!!)

Genre :
Ambient, Electronica, Electrocoustic, Downtempo

Tracklist :

01. Acoustic Hum
02. The Bergeron Process
03. Winter Waltz #1
04. Dawn Chorus
05. Aesthetics Of Clouds
06. January 4th
07. Stumbling Music #2
08. Melsbroek
09. Winter Waltz #2
10. Vaarwel
11. Stumbling Music #1
12. Aerosan
13. Stumbling Music #3
14. Winter Sun
15. Reading Music

Wixel is the indietronica outfit of young Belgian Wim Maesschalck. His music can be described as a warm & organic mix of acoustic instruments and gentle electronic treatments with a lot of care for detail and subtle nuances. Comparisons have been made to bands ranging from Hood to Fennesz, from Manyfingers to Sigur Rós.

News From Wixel :

Hello there,

As some of you might recall, I had a project this year where I’d be releasing a new record each month. Well.. January comes to an end.. and so I’m happy to say the first record is ready. It’s called “Winter”. Before that: I’ve changed the 2009 project rules a bit. 1) “Record in one month, release in the same”. I thought that would be faster and easier. 2) It’s a limited affair after all, other wise I would get stuck in making extra copies, not having all the materials, worry about that stuff, etc… The limitedness is special though. Each month is limited to the amount of days it has in it. So, that means that for the January record, there are only 31 copies available. At the end of ‘o9, I should have 365 cd’s. :) - I thought that was fitting.

Anyways, without further blabla. You can listen to/download the record in its entirety (and freely) here. There’s the option to pay a little for the high quality download, up to you! Just know that I’m saving every penny I got for a decent pair of speakers. :) - If you want the physical copy, you’re in for a treat. It’s a cd-r in a cardboard box, all hand stamped + an insert + an eight page handmade and numbered booklet with pictures from a snowy belgium during the early days of January. It is really fancy, almost like a coffee table photo book, only a lot smaller. I’m selling them 10 euros a piece (+3 euro shipping). Just e-mail me at and we’ll get it sorted. Depending on free time, I’ll make a special page about it etc..

Anyways; below are some pictures of the physical thing + my preferred pieces. Get in touch!

[me]Come on !!! Lets support this awesome artist !!! =)

1 comment:

fED said...

monoeits, thanx for sharing this wonderful artist! Listening to this great record made me very curious about his other work and much to my surprise it´s all really amazing.I only wish I could buy the "physical" version of the album (It looks really good) but unfortunatle i live in argentina and there´s no way in hell i´ll find it here for a reasonable price.Thanks a lot!!!!!