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Friday, February 20, 2009

Paniyolo - I'm Home (2009) (AWESOME !!!)

Genre : Acoustic, Ambient, Electrocoustic, Experimental

Tracklist :

1. 記憶 (Memory)
2. Green & Cloud
雨 (Rain)
4. Sheep
5. Reverie
6. Onigocco
7. Sunday
8. Snow Country
暮らし (Life)
10. Room
おかえり (Okaeri)
12. …
日々 (Daily)

Paniyolo is the working name of a Japanese musician called Muneki Takasaka.

As for schole 8th feature release 1st full album of musician paniyolo of expectation. That timbre which is lined to certain technology exceeding the generation and sex, you see in the chest of the person who is heard cross. Quite, you talk by the timbre of the guitar, it is finished in the masterpiece like one story. Although making the times feel, now, to universality the rare work collection which had the certain story characteristic which is connected. In addition now as a guest also Ryodo Yamamoto of Ayumu Haitani of Kaede Mira and 4 bonjour's parties, Tomomi Shikano and schole superintendence Akira Kosemura and nica, Toshiaki Hamada and Haruka Nakamura and others participate in the work.

[me]Relaxing & Comforting sound... beautiful =)

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Johnny said...

I wouldn't agree more. It is awesome!