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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Remember Remember - Remember Remember (2008) (AWESOME !!!)

Genre : ELectronica, Experimental, Post-Rock, Mogwai's Rock Action Label
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Tracklist :

1. And The Demon Said...
2. The Dancing
3. Genie (For Amaya)
4. Fountain
5. Mountain
6. The Swimming
7. How Did You End Up Like This?
8. Imagining Things (i)
9. Imagining Things (ii)
10. Up In A Blue Light

Glasgow act Remember Remember, essentially the solo project of former Multiplies and Royal We member Graeme Ronald, will release a self-titled debut album in November through the Rock Action label.

Compared to Brian Eno, Philip Glass, Animal Collective and even Michel Gondry, Ronald has received acclaim for his unique live shows where everything from hand-claps to Irn Bru are sampled, looped and blended into the performance

This debut by Remember Remember sits snugly alongside Errors debut album on Mogwais Rock Action label, proving that those wily Scots dont just make fantastic music, they can also spot it from a mile off.

What makes this album sparkle is its prettiness. While Mogwai did sterling work smashing up the rock formulae, Remember Remember shun their patrons eight-minute crescendos for something far more serene and delicate. The riffs are repetitive but subtle, creating a lush, calming scene - its the soundtrack to a shower of rain in summer, or the sun setting behind the mountains. There are no sudden twists and turns, no outbreaks of violence, just smooth, unbroken flights of fancy.

Mainly the work of Glaswegian Graeme Ronald, Remember Remembers tone is created through the layering of minimal riffs on top of each other: pianos, guitars, glockenspiels, violins and synths. He expands on that with plenty of homemade nonsense, listing various instruments such as bubblewrap, coins, Irn-Bru, a wind-up monkey and a rubber shark. The result is spell-binding.

See it like this: if Errors get you in the mood for a night out, and Fuck Buttons represent the decadent thrill-seeking as you swallow your poison of choice and clatter into the early hours, then Remember Remember are the saving grace, the headache soother, the reminder that theres a new day dawning, full of possibilities. Its no wonder Mogwai signed them - these are happy songs for happy people.

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removed already? would you please reupload this?