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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Immánu El - They'll Come, They Come (2007) (AWESOME !!!)

Genre :
Post-Rock with Vocal
Preview Part1 Part2

Tracklist :

1. Under Your Wings I'll Hide 10:44
2. Home 04:51
3. White Seraphs Wild 06:43
4. Astral Days 06:25
5. Panda 07:45
6. Kosmonaut 05:02
7. I Know You So Well 03:33
8. ...In Valleys 05:27
9. Fall Med Mig Nu 03:22

Formed in 2003 by young Claes Strängberg as a musical experiment, only 16 years old. Later on brought his twinbrother Per on the train, and immanu el was a fact. They joined forces with childhood friends Mikael and Emil and started to create atmospheric pop music heavily influenced by gods like Sigur Rós and Logh in a barn outside the small town Jönköping in Sweden. A demo, a trip to Reykjavik, a self released EP, film music to a chinese movie and now a full lenght on ATS Records. It all went fast, why slow down? The future looks promising, and bright.

Immanu El's music is simply heavenly in all aspects of the word: The music is gentle while never trying to sound like background music, the melodies are always on the positive side, the vocals are light and the lyrics are full of hope and have strong religious connotations without sounding cheesy (and that's always a plus, because I never enjoyed that kind of music because of the lyrics). The music can be seen as the opposite of Gregor Samsa. While Gregor Samsa are always moody, depressing and pessimistic, Immanu El are the complete opposite while still being very closely related to them musically (albeit being a bit faster and louder than Gregor Samsa at times) so fans of Gregor Samsa will also find this band quite enjoyable. The vocals are very soothing and they help a lot in creating the airy atmosphere. The music in general feels very lighthearted, even in crescendos. The only problem I can see in them is that they don't have much of a variety from one song to another, but it isn't much of a trouble and it doesn't affect the enjoyment of the music.

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Law D. Oh said...

great post and album!