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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Gregor Samsa - Over Air (2009)

Genre : Post-rock, Shoegaze, Slow-Core, Ambient, Experimental

Tracklist :

1. Ain Leuh / VPRO
2. Jeroen Van Aken / VPRO
3. Three / VPRO
4. Adolescent / VPRO
5. Abutting, Dismantling / VPRO
6. Young And Old / VPRO
7. Du meine Leise / alternate mix
8. XXX / GS + Tiempo
9. Lean / GS + Bobby Donne (of Labradford)

Gregor Samsa are originally from Richmond, VA, and now based in Brooklyn. They formed in 2000, took their name from the main character of Franz Kafka’s short story The Metamorphosis. The current members are Champ Bennett, Nikki King, Billy Bennett, Jeremiah Klinger, Cory Bise, Toby Driver and Mia Matsumiya.

Gregor Samsa presents Over Air , featuring a live radio performance at Amsterdam's VPRO radio station recorded in May 2008. The live set includes songs from three previous recordings, Rest , 55:12 , and their EP 27:36 . Over Air also includes unreleased material: an alternate mix of Du Meine Leise, XXX, a song featuring a smaller version of the band, and from the album 55:12 , a remix of We'll Lean that Way Forever, by Bobby Donne (of Labradford) who is also joining them on stage as part of the GS lineup.

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