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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Furniture - Twilight Chases The Sun (AWESOME !!!)

Genre :
Post-rock, Shoegaze

Tracklist :

01 - Twilight Chases the Sun
02 - Postcards
03 - Please
04 - Chasing Tipperary
05 - I Am Ying
06 - Why is Adam King
07 - Hush, the Dead Are Dreaming
08 - Lughnasa
09 - Now I'm Gona Take a Vacation
10 - Fin

Furniture is the memory of things that never happened, dreams unclaimed, cherished heartbreaks, deliverance by escapism, the reconciliation of regret and hope. Set to the backdrop of panoramic landscapes slowly fading to white, furniture plays the unassuming soundtrack to the best films never made.
FURNITURE isn't exactly new to the Asian local indie music scene. Thanks to its music, influenced by My Bloody Valentine and Mercury Rev, the band's following has grown after adding guitarist/singer/lyricist Ronnie Khoo into the line. With Khoo onboard, the already underway crossover to the English indie scene grew speedier.Furniture's crossover ambition rests on the new direction of its music' part danceable guitar-rock, part grainy snapshots of experimental noise. Famous for pushing sonic boundaries with their guitar experimentalism and an extremely expressive rhythm section, the band recently released their new album Twilight Chases The Sun.
Furniture's debut release, Twilight Chases The Sun, has no radio-length song titles, barely any singing and cryptic CD packaging. There's even a song on the album composed of sound samples created with a typewriter. Everything about the way the album was put together, from the CD case to the music, showcases a band with a very quirky musical approach.
There's a wide range of music styles found on the album, from mellow electronic grooves, hard-rocking guitar overtures to moments of pure noise. In spite of the "compilation" feel of the release, the disparate sons all hold together as one cohesive moody release.
This eclecticism makes it difficult to pigeon-hole the band's music. If you're a fan of music by everything from The Flaming Lips, Aphex Twin, Explosions In The Sky and Mew, you must check out Furniture."There were a lot of things we wanted to try out over the span of the recording period. I think of it as a soundtrack to the same movie, it's still for the same movie but all the songs can be somewhat different in approach," explains Ronnie Khoo, the band's guitarist and singer.

Furniture had played many concerts over Malaysia, Singapore (several time at the famous Baybeat Festival in Singapore and now is ready to invade Europe.

current line up includes: ron, adrian, wan rathnor, alia, alang
past members include: boon, kacy, jeremy
session players include: azmyl, aziz, lee kwang, keng, adlin

[me]A GREAT & AWESOME debut album from Malaysia post-rock band. Let's wait for their new stuff!!!

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