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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Anoice - Out of Season (2008) & Anoice - Ruined-Hotel Sessions (2008) (AWESOME !!!)

Anoice - Out of Season (2008)

Genre: Post-rock, Classic, Ambient
Download (pw : in comment)


01) Snow Drop
02) Glitch
03) Sound-Lifting
04) Short Film
05) Far From
06) Fishbed
07) Paradigm
08) Id
09) Lost

Anoice - Ruined-Hotel Sessions (2008)

Genre: Post-rock, Classic, Ambient
Download (no info about pw, there's none i guess ^^)

Tracklist :

1 - Stop Wiping Your Tears With My Piano
2 - Negligent Waltz
3- With Love and Asleep
4 - Mmm
5 - Skylarking Forever
6 - In Different
7 - Go Home Through a Broken Window

Anoice pronounced “a noyce” is a Tokyo based six piece group that have been working together since 2004. They have released the highly acclaimed album “Remmings” have a dreamy and dynamic compositional world that falls somewhere between easy electronic rock and Harold Budd flavored ambient avant composition on the Important Label. The members of the band - Takahiro Kido (Guitar + Programming + Piano + Glockenspiel + Organ + Melodion) + Taku Tanioka ( Guitar + Mandolin) + Yuki Murata (Piano + Synthesizer + Programming + Glockenspiel + Melodion) + Utaka Fujiwara ( Viola + Synthesizer + Programming + Piano) + Takahiro Matsue (Bass + Programming + Tenor Sax + Accordion) + Tadashi Yoshikawa (Drums + Percussion + Accordion + Glockenspiel) - cite a mixture of rock & electronic influences (Radiohead + Sigur Ros + The Clash) and compositional music (Arvo Part + Claude Debussy + John Williams + Shostakovich). Takahiro Kido has released five solo albums (a Short Happy Life + Krageneidechse + Walking in the Rhythm + in my Time + Fleursy Music) from PLOP and Ricco Label, and Yuki Murata has two solo albums (Films + Home) on Ricco Label. In addition, Takahiro Kido and Takahiro Matsue and Tadashi Yoshikawa formed a three piece band “mokyow” after desire to make freer music with the expanse more on 2007. They released their first album “Variations for Spiegel” from Ricco Label. Furthermore, Takahiro Kido and Yuki Murata released “re-Silence” under the name of “cru” a unit with piano, organ and electronics on 2007. Anoice will be releasing their 2nd album “Out of Season” and 3rd album “Ruined-Hotel Sessions” on July 2008.

[me]Yep! Two new album in one year. This band is Awesome !!! Beautiful !!! If you like Takahiro Kido an Yuki Murata, you must listen to Anoice. Both of them are the member of Anoice ^^

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Darn it! SirensSound was my fav. post-rock blog.. n now it was closed. So sad.