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Friday, October 24, 2008

Technicolor Skies - Technicolor Skies (2008)

Genre : Post-Rock, Electronica, Experimental

Tracklist :

01. And So It Begins (A Welcoming)
02. Where The Earth Meets The Sky
03. This Machine
04. A Glowing Sea
05. Starborn
06. The Endurer
07. Go It Alone
08. Take Me To The Horizon
09. These Walls Will Never Tell
10. Leave Them Behind
11. Hollow (A Departure)

Westminster, Colorado based songwriter and performer Zach Martin draws upon several influences to create a sound heading in an experimental, post-rock direction. In April of 2008 under the moniker Technicolor Skies, he released the 11 song self-titled, self-published debut. Declaring the album a sonic diary, each song is named after the mental image it creates upon first listen.

Distance, the sophomore effort from Technicolor Skies, continues along a similar path in providing a movie soundtrack feel with melancholic melodies, ambient soundscapes, and post-rock twists.

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