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Thursday, October 23, 2008

I'm Not a Gun - Mirror (2008) (AWESOME !!!)

Genre : IDM, Downtempo, Post-rock, Electronica
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Tracklist :

01. Longing Mind
02. Aracanum
03. Ghost Has Gone
04. Four Steps
05. Turning Circle
06. Looking Into
07. The Dance
08. Bright View, Windy Blue
09. 9th Day
10. Lacuna

I’m Not a Gun features John Tejada on drums, guitar and electronics, and Takeshi Nishimoto, who adds the licks on blissful guitar and bass reverberations.

With airy gestures and a sunny state of mind, they jam themselves into textures which have learned their lesson from the best records of the Chicago acoustic school: jazzrock does not have to be a pretentious monster, but can sing a poem of colloquial communication. As soon as structure wins over the solo, dialogue over technical skills and the lightness of swing over the pathos of improvisation, a new dreamlike soundscape is opened.

The duos new album, Mirror, will see the product of their Wednesday visits with one another released for the first time on Tejadas own Palette Recordings. Moving on from their usual home of
City Centre Offices, Tejada and Nishimoto have crafted an effort that reportedly features the latters guitar more prominently than past efforts, with each track anchored by Tejadas peerless drum programming. Business as usual? Sounds like it.

[me]Nice... chill... beautiful... :)

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