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Sunday, October 26, 2008

WakeThisDay - Gaze Into The Beyond (2008) (AWESOME !!!)

Genre : Post-rock

Tracklist :

1. Prelude (2:44)
2. Anon (6:27)
3. Transmitting Light (8:02)
4. Sombre Skies For Sombre Eyes (3:38)
5. Flames Over The River (5:20)
6. Fragments Of Hope, Buried In Wait (2:21)
7. Myne (7:51)
8. Rapt In Wonder (Marching To The Beyond) (7:26)
9. ...Signal Lost (6:21)

Formed in 2006 under the name of (…and it was a) Cold and Lonely Winter, WakeThisDay emerged as the new name for the band in 2007, more fitting to the band’s sound and direction. The demo ‘In The Shadow Of Paper Mountains’ gave the band its sonic template, and set the grounding for the upcoming debut release ‘Gaze Into The Beyond’.

The album takes inspiration from other instrumental and experimental bands, using guitar, bass and drums to create progressive songs with texture and feeling. Instead of playing riffs, instruments are used to create more expansive music, and guitar lines are the primary lyrical expression.

[me]It's Awesome. Beautiful Melody. For EITS or TWDY fans!!

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