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Monday, September 22, 2008

On A Vacation

Hello folks.. for about 2-3 weeks starting tomorrow, i'm gonna be out of town. It's for a vacation. So there'll be no update post in Beautiful Noise.

See you soon !


jub said...

Looking forward to your return. I check your blog every single day and have found so much amazing music.

monoeits said...

thx man!

now i'm back online.

hope the new post is coming rite away :D

jub said...

Thanks for letting me know that your back. I have a music project of my own that I think would fit your site. Can you please do a review and put my album for download on your site? The link to her some tracks is, or on iTunes you can search "Jub". I just wanted to throw that out there. Thanks again for sharing great music!


monoeits said...

hey Jub.. i'm sorry.. but i'm not good at reviewing.. especially in english..

btw, where's your download link? :)