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Saturday, August 2, 2008

Herod Layne - In Between Dust Conditions (2008)

Genre :


1. born from a dead phoenix
2. elegy for a dream
3. no choice
4. prelude for anticipation
5. walking the valley

Herod Layne hail from São Paulo, Brazil. Band memebers are: Sachalf: guitars, Hel Sonich: bass, guitars, drum programming and Johnny Dux: drums "In Between Dust Conditions" came as an early morning surprise. Played 3 times already since this am. Not even a single boring minute. This release is just packed and jammed with brilliant tunes that will hammer you deep beneath the earth while your soul is reaching out to the horizon. Stunning release.

Speaking of "Herod Layne" think of pg.lost, Followed By Ghosts, Maybeshewill, Mooncake, Jakob, A Northern Chorus, Our Last Hope Last Hope, The Curtain Society, September Malevolence, Double Handsome Dragon and many more to the likes. Breath taking album. Not anyone can be an artist but an artist can come from anywhere.

In early 2007, Herod Layne took part in the David Gilmour's "Arnold Layne" worldwide online contest, and was ranked among the top ten best versions for Syd Barrett's 1967 song, according to public vote. This accomplishment was spotted in main Brazilian newspapers, and was very important for the band to reach new audiences.

Herod Layne's style converge many influences in the likes of Pink Floyd's space-rock and Mogwai's post-rock, as well as Godspeed You! Black Emperor's anarchic sound, God Is An Astronaut's ambience and Sonic Youth's noise. The band also believes that their homemade videos have a great share of responsibility for its increasing popularity abroad.

They make music and the lyric is in our mind.

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