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Sunday, August 3, 2008

Grayceon - Grayceon

Genre :
Post-Rock, Post-Metal, Progressive

Tracklist :

1. Sounds Like Thunder 8:53
2. Song For You 3:54
3. Into The Deep 12:35
4. Ride 19:59

Grayceon is Jackie Perez Gratz (Amber Asylum) on electric cello and voice, Max Doyle (Walken) on guitar and voice, and Zack Farwell (Walken) on drums. Grayceon pulls together an extremely diverse range of musical influences and writing styles to create a fresh sound that defies the boundaries of the metal/rock/progressive genres. Compared to Opeth, King Crimson, and Ved Buens Ende, not in sound but in 'feel', Grayceon embraces the hard-to-describe-them definition and expects no hard comparisons to be made any time soon. Alternate low tuning on both cello and guitar, finger picked metal riffs, dreamy double vocals, and unpredictably impeccable drumming all meet to give Grayceon their unique sensibility. ..

The first reviews of Grayceon's debut album are trickling in...

"Dark Rock/ Metal CD strong with the progressive elements and heavy with the string arrangements as Jackie of Amber Asylum and now Giant Squid is the string player and one of the vocalists here. Grayceon remind me a bit again of the band Winds with a strong element of bands like Neurosis, Frantic Bleep and even Opeth or Porcupine Tree. This trio can get quite bombastic at times. I know this is odd way to put it, but this is what Amber Asylum would sound like if the were a heavier band leaning to the Prog Metal world. I like the neoclassical flavor placed in as well to complete a very unique sound release in deed. This will not be for everyone as it's a very complex release and not something you can even begin to digest the 1st or 2nd time out. Very much in the same vein as bands like Sleepytime Gorilla Museum or When where there is no need to get the whole picture at first. I find this a stellar piece of work and love that it is 4 long songs, where they can very much let the natural progression of the song take it where it may. The minimal vocal moments are a must. If you will let the music seep into your soul it will take you places very few bands ever have before."

--Absolute Zero Media Magazine / February 2007

"Epic prog-metal from Grayceon, a trio based out of San Francisco, once home to legions of thrash metal superstars-in-waiting. This self-titled debut on Vendlus Records is spacious and airy with rollicking drums and dense orchestrations featuring electric cello and guitar. Jackie Perez Gratz performs as a cello-master and has performed alongside numerous groups ranging from Neurosis to their off-shoot in Tribes of Neurot as well as Matmos and Today Is the Day. Grayceon is a giant sound with crafty songs that are intertwined with heavy metal opuses and soft chamber orchestrations." -J-Sin / February 2007

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