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Saturday, August 2, 2008

Detektivbyrån - E18 Album (2008)

Genre : Experimental, Electrocoustic


1. E18
2. Hemvägen
3. Nattöppet
4. Monster
5. Dansbanan
6. Granmon
7. Vänerhavet
8. Lyckans Undulat
9. Hem Ljuva Hem
10. Home Sweet Home
11. Laka-Koffa

Detektivbyrån is a Swedish electronica and folk music trio from Gothenburg. The group consists of Anders Flanders (Accordion, Music Box); Jon Nils Emanuel Ekström (Drums, Sound Box, Small Bells); and Martin Molin (Glockenspiel, Traktofon, Toy Piano). In 2007 their song Nattöppet was featured in a Sprint Nextel television ad.

E18 Album is Japan Only released album, consisting songs on the Hemvägen EP, the Lyckans Undulat single, plus two extra tracks.

A very unique and beautifull album. Brilliant !

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