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Friday, August 1, 2008

Goldmund - The Malady Of Elegance (2008) (Beautiful !!!)

Genre : Classical


1. Image-Autumn-Womb
2. In A Notebook
3. Finding It There
4. Subtle The Sun
5. Threnody
6. Now
7. The Winter Of 1539-1540
8. Ouendake
9. John Harrington
10. Apalachee
11. The Gardener
12. Mound Builders
13. Gift
14. Clement Danes
15. Evelyn

The second, and highly anticipated album from Keith Kenniff under his Goldmund guise follows the artist's recent stint of releases as Helios, and finds him returning to the beautifully economical and organic sound world offered up by solo piano music.

The Elegance Of Malady is Kenniff’s polite stab at the founding frontier of American soundtracks, harking back to a time before cowboys where spartan pianos helped break up the crosswinds and sunburn, and stands as a worthy coda for Type’s recent cinematic trilogy (see also Peter Broderick’s Float and Grouper’s Dragging A Dead Deer Up A Hill, both released this year). It’s not often popcorn tastes this nutritious.

From the very beginnings of the introductory composition 'Image-Autumn-Womb' you'll be sucked into this sound world on the basis of its incredible intimacy - thanks to the detailed recording style it all sounds so very close up. Not only can you hear the notes themselves, but the depression of the actual keys, and you really feel like you're caught up in the mechanics of the instrument.

Over the course of much of this album Kenniff's music has a weightless, free-time quality that finds it floating by in a stately, unhurried fashion, but when he does knuckle down to something a little more structurally intensive - as on the magnificent closing piece 'Evelyn' - it has all the more impact.

A perfect successor to Corduroy Road, The Malady Of Elegance is every bit the album Goldmund fans would have hoped for, and another quiet triumph for the Type label in 2008. Essential Purchase.

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