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Monday, August 25, 2008

Akira Kosemura & Haruka Nakamura (AWESOME !!!)

Genre : Ambient, Electronica

Akira Kosemura

Haruka Nakamura

Akira Kosemura & Haruka Nakamura - Afterglow (2007)

Akira Kosemura - It's On Everything (2007)

Haruka Nakamura - Grace (2008)

Akira Kosemura & Haruka Nakamura are ambient/electronica artists from Tokyo, Japan. Their music is soothing, calm and minimalistic, often building on clear piano melodies. While Haruka sometimes incorporates acoustic guitar (and in the case of her solo album, the vocals of Janis Crunch) into her songs, Akira tends to concentrate more on on the sampling and electronica.

Their collaboration album includes two tracks from them as a duo, and four tracks from each solo. All the albums are well worth checking out, especially Afterglow.


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