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Monday, February 14, 2011

Hypomanie - A City in Mono (2011) (AWESOME !!!)

Genre : Shoegaze, Atmospheric, Depressive Black Metal, Post-rock, Netherlands

Tracklist :

1. You Never Gazed at the Clouds 8:19
2. She Couldn't Find a Flower, But There Was Snow 7:17
3. Smile 4:45
4. A City in Mono 8:54
5. A City in Stereo 10:20

A Dutch band started as a Melancholic Black Metal band at the first demo (I am Alone With You, 2008, Wolfsvuur Records) and first album (Sehnsucht, 2008, Affliction Records), now playing a faster, more atmospheric style of Black Metal, which is to be heard at the self-titled EP. (s/t, 2009, Valse Sinistre)

In January 2011 She Couldn’t Find a Flower, But There Was Snow (EP) and A City in Mono (album) were released, both by Valse Sinistre Productions.

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