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Monday, January 31, 2011

Near The Paranthesis – Japanese For Beginners (2011)

Genre : Ambient, Electronica, IDM

Tracklist :

01. soft warmly straw raincoat
02. voice and radio bureau
03. the rose and burial
04. your subconscious condition
05. the first surface
06. in regard to water
07. the listening surround
08. colors live remarkable
09. country of true wonder

“Japanese for Beginners” is Near The Parenthesis’ 4th album via the n5MD imprint and 5th overall. Not far behind on the contemplative artfulness of 2010′s “Music For the Forest Concourse” this new album finds Tim Arndt adding more texturally experimental treatments to his signature mix of melodic IDM and Modern Classical. Arndt was intent on creating a decidedly more “electronic” backdrop for the record, which includes what may be some of the most creative drum programing of his career. Building on this new platform, Japanese for Beginners continues Arndt’s bias and skill in constructing haunting piano motifs and, as always, brings the pieces together seamlessly. The songs on “Japanese For Beginners” are as hopeful, as dreamy, and as thoughtfully crafted as you want them to be. With this album as with any of Arndt’s releases, it is up to the listener to dive in to the details or simply let it play as the soundtrack to your day.

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