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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Noise Project - Asuntos Que Se Resolven Co Tempo (2010)

Genre : Shoegaze, Post-rock, Spain

Tracklist :

1. B (2:42)
2. Sempre me toca ser poli (3:58)
3. Que se pare o mundo cando me dea o sol (3:19)
4. A madalena (5:28)
5. Amok (3:48)
6. A casa do ancián (5:02)
7. Morte e destrución (3:39)
8. Gin tonic con Ali Agca (4:05)
9. Concerto de disfraces (3:23)
10. C (0:49)
11. Golfiños (3:55)
12. Deus (6:24)
13. 13 - Noise Project - ?.mp3 (6:24)

It was around 2004 when Raúl (guitar and voice) and Alexandre (guitar and voice) started to meet at the Teleclube de Cordeiro (Valga, Pontevedra, Spain) to try to compose something and pass the time doing what they liked the most, noise. Víctor (ex-guitar and bass on many local bands) soon joined them at the drums, and then Óscar (bass and voice) at the bass. With this line-up, they played their first concerts, making their début at Pub Shibulla (Valga), about the middle of 2005. At the end of the same year Javi joined them on the guitar (with experience in several bands of the zone). The current six member line-up was completed with the joining of Ernst (effects and arrangement) on the laptop.

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