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Monday, March 1, 2010

Korine Conception - Glow In Transparancy Aurora (2010) (AWESOME !!!)

Genre : Shoegaze, Indonesia
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Tracklist :

1. Lost Imaginary
2. Like A Ghost
3. Glow In Transparancy Aurora
4. Eleanor Whisper
5. The Moon With A Melody
6. Unexpected Secret Story
7. This Mess Around
8. Sillhoute Of F'ie Dansi

A wonderful emotive album. Both delicate and powerful. Hints of Slowdive and Sigur Ros - which can't be a bad thing. More fantastic shoegaze influenced music from Indonesia.

Ever try to find the right lullaby? Why don’t you just try these songs from Korine Conception. Founded in Medan, North Sumatra September 2003 from the ashes of the bands such as The Wardoyo (Dandy Angga), Kolam Renang (Boby) and two other players (Citra and Opin). They also got help from Fandhy (at this time he stil the additional player). Because of the same musical direction they choose to formed a band that could play dreamy and powerful music.

From the influences of Cocteau Twins, Slowdive, Malory, My Bloody Valentine and Sigur Ros they made their first song called Like A Ghost. Along the way the band lost their member Citra and Fandhy, he joined 70’s Pop. The band did not make any progress for months because they didn’t find the right drummer to fill the position. After their both return to Medan, they join Korine Conception again and until now the member still have not change. The band did not have a lot of chance to perform in Medan Scene because of the music may sound weird for the casual ears in Medan.

Thank God, they found Huria! Records to support them. They gave their songs called “The Moon With The Melody” and this song appear in compilation “Let’s Push Things Forward” by Huria! Records and released in February 2006. This was their first single, amazingly this song got a lot of airplay in local radio. In May 2007 they song “ Like A Ghost’” made it in Traxound2 (A compilation from Trax magazine), so their song could hear in whole country (Indonesia) because this magazine sold nationally.

[me]Great album, Guys!!! Salut gw sama kalian. KEREN !!!

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