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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Feed Me! - Marching Stickmen (2009) (AWESOME !!!)

Genre : Ambient, Electronica, Post-rock, Experimental, Egypt
Free Download @ Myspace

Tracklist :

1. Hello World (4:15)
2. Painting Space (5:19)
3. Losing Everything (5:12)
4. I Had No Idea (3:52)
5. To Whom It May Concern (3:44)
6. What We're Stuck With (5:40)
7. WWV (That is World War Five) (4:32)
8. Marching Stickmen (7:26)

Feed Me is a 3-piece band from Cairo, Egypt. The band was formed in late 2008 by longtime friends Nader Ahmed, Mohammed Ashraf 'SikSik', and Ahmed Abdel Aziz 'ZiZO'. Their music lies somewhere between Electronica & Post Rock and influenced greatly by their different musical backgrounds. Feed Me! Released their debut album "Marching Stickmen" in June 2009. All three members of Feed Me! are also in Progressive/Alternative Rock band Headcase.

[me]Thx to Mohammed Ashraf (siko237).

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