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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Sgt. - Capital of Gravity (Mini Album) (2009) (AWESOME !!!)

Genre : Post-rock, Jazz Influence, Japan


1. Kalliope
2. Apollo Program
3. Tears of na-ga
4. Ant's planet
5. Epsilon
6. 06 銀河の車窓から (Reprise) (Tyme. Remix) / Ginga No Shasoh Kara (Reprise) (Tyme. Remix)

Having played for almost a continuous decade, Sgt. is one of the veteran post-rock bands in Japan. Sgt. can offer what only an experienced band can deliver, a tight sound. The composition of their music is a version of post-rock that is soaked with classical, noise, jazz and emo motifs. This can be attributed to the pr the essence of a female violinist who clutches onto the band's sound and takes it in new directions.

Sgt. is very active on the live circuit and even run their own semi-regular event called "seimei" which brings together the best in the Japanese indies scene. Bands like 54-71, good music, OVUM, win a sheep free, The World Heritage, and other bands have graced the event with their presence. In 2005, they released their first mini-album, "perception of casualty" with the help of the engineering skills of one of Toe's members. Sgt. then released a split with good music the following year. Their newest release, Stylus Fantasticus was released in 2008 internationally by HearJapan.

One of the often overlooked aspects of the band is their omnipresence in the Japanese music scene. They have done collaborations with ROVO, Boredoms, ONJI, etc. They are also the backing band for ILL, which is a new band from a supercar member. They are also official members of the electro dub band MAS. While they have vast playing time with some of Japan's greatest underground musicians, Sgt. has built up a repertoire of playing with western bands when they come to Japan. They have opened for the German progressive band, CAN, Damo Suzuki, and the Art of Fighting from Australia. The vast distances they cover in the music scene surely has added deep nuances to their musical productions and is definitely a band to keep an eye on.

The album reverberates with amazing and powerful sounds which make this one of the most artistically crafted instrumental albums of 2009. sgt. simply has the artistic audacity and fine sense to produce another breathtaking release ~ Hear Japan


Daniel said...

You sir, are the man!!!

Brett said...

Whoa, another awesome album.