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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Nyctalgia – Time changed Everything (2009) (AWESOME !!!)

Genre : Ambient, Minimal, Post-rock, Piano, Switzerland
FREE DOWNLOAD or Check the myspace page if you want to buy the CDs.

Tracklist :

1 Nyctalgia 6:31
2 Time Changed Everything 3:45
3 Remains of a Blue Rose 4:00
4 Mira 5:44
5 Falling Into Nothingness 6:29

Nyctalgia was founded somewhen in winter 2007. Band-founder Silvio is still looking for some other people to join it. The first demo called "Time changed everything" was released on 20th august 2009 and contains five songs of ambient and classical influenced Post-rock. There are no specific plans for the future, but Nyctalgia won't stop now...

"There’s not much to tell about me. I’m an amateur musician and write songs by myself. For me, music is the best way to express what I never was or will be able to tell in words. I never defined for me, what kind of music I want to do, I just look what comes out when I’m doing a new song.

So there could be some very strange or experimental things… When I’ve got enough songs, that I personally really like, I will release a CD or something like that…But I will see… When I find the right people, I will arrange a liveband to perform this music on concerts or wherever…If there somewhen would/will be some possibilities to perform at all… I hope you enjoy it.. The Backgroundpicture was made by “Annadriel”!" ~Silvio


Ram6 said...

what's the password to extract the files?

Reza said...

try this :

or you can download free in Nyctalgia myspace... no password.

Sorry for the inconvinience :D