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Sunday, November 22, 2009

The Mercury Program - Chez Viking (2009) (AWESOME !!!)

(Link Has Been Removed by Request)

Genre : Post-rock, Math-rock

Tracklist :

1. Chez Viking
2. Arrived Departed
3. Backseat Blackout
4. Katos
5. Stand & Sing
6. The Church of Cause and Effect
7. Flourescent Laces

Since 2002's stunning A Data Learn the Language, we've been anxiously awaiting The Mercury Program's follow-up. Seven years have come and gone, and A Data Learn hasn't been tarnished one bit. Surprisingly, TMP's new album, Chez Viking, hits the streets this month, and it doesn't sound like the quartet has missed a beat. Although it contains less vibraphone than its predecessors, the new album maintains the signature TMP sound while also condensing the band's method. Only one track breaks the five-minute mark, but the music is no less powerful as a result. If anything, the album shows that the group has become a more immediate band than in the past. Opener "Chez Viking" literally wastes no time with introductions and quickly greets the audience with a flurry of sounds; and almost instantaneously we realize that the seven years was worth the wait. The main complaint to be lobbed at Chez Viking is that, with a runtime of just over thirty minutes, the ride is over much too soon. But, if that's the worst thing we can say about the album, then clearly TMP is back on top. (from Silent Ballet)


Farmer said...

Link is down!

monoeits said...

(Link Has Been Removed by Request)

Brett said...

Definitely one of my favorite albums this year.