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Friday, September 4, 2009

The Fauns - The Fauns (2009) (AWESOME !!!)

Genre : Indie, Shoegaze, Dreampop, Ambient, UK

Tracklist :

01. Lovestruck
02. Cool Stuff
03. Understand
04. The Sun Is Cruising
05. Fragile
06. Road Meets The Sky
07. Black Sand
08. Deranged
09. Come Around Again
10. 1991

The Fauns formed in the summer of 2007, initially a three piece they have expanded into a live performing six piece fronted by vocalist Alison Garner.

Unashamedly influenced by the shoegazing sound of the late eighties and early nineties they are now causing ripples on the Bristol live circuit with their sculptured soundscapes.

2007 & 2008 Have been devoted to creating a collection of beautiful, loud, melancholic music with smudged guitars and vocals. During this period, tracks have appeared on "The Secret Garden" and "Just Like A Daydream" shoegaze compilations.

Several tracks by The Fauns are being remixed at the moment which will be used as bonus and compilation tracks. Most notable of the remixers is Loop frontman Robert Hampson who has completed several mixes of "Lovestruck". The Fauns have remixed tracks for 93 Million Miles From The Sun, One Unique Signal and Seerauberjenny so far which will be released at some point in the future.

The Fauns have released their debut album entitled "The Fauns" on Laser Ghost Recordings. This is on sale now but will have an official launch date of October 3rd. Laser Ghost will licence the album to labels outside of the UK. A 7" and more Youtube videos are in the pipeline.

"An impressive debut album from Bristol's The Fauns who have managed to combine a swirling mesh of guitars and ambience with enthralling songwriting" Robin Allport (Club AC30)

"The soundtrack to my Saturday" Ulrich Schnauss

[me]Beautiful Shoegaze !!!

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