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Monday, August 31, 2009

Clorinde – The Creative Listener (2009)

Genre : Folktronica, Experimental, Ambient, Link Has Been Removed by Request

Tracklist :

1 Anno Domini
2 Cécile
3 Cécile and the Knights
4 The caves of Polbrone
5 Morello
6 Leaf
7 Pollen
8 Du Yen
9 100 Women
10 Circe
11 The Dance of death

"Clorinde are a relatively new project made up of brothers Simone and Andrea Salvatici. It is obvious from the outset of ‘The Creative Listener’ that Clorinde are very serious about the music they make. ‘Anno Domini’ is like some traditional English baroque style jam. It’s quite upbeat by comparison to some of the other compositions contained within but it pretty much sets the tone for the rest of the record. Part ancient classical guitar music, part minimalist electronic composition ‘The Creative Listener’ certainly has a fare amount on offer. I can hear all sorts of variation on the acoustic guitars as well as glockenspiels, accordions, marimbas as well as my personal favourite, the Kalimba, a wondrous little thumb piano that can be heard most effectively on Celine (check the sound clips kids). On first listen I’m really enjoying this but I also get the impression it’s a grower with more intricacies to be discovered with repeat listens. If you enjoy the minimalist composition of Steve Reich and the like you’ll certainly find something to enjoy here.-"Normanrecords

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