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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Your Hand In Mine - Every Night Dreams OST (2008) (AWESOME !!!)

Genre : Ambient, Experimental, Electronica, Electrocoustic, Greece

Tracklist :

1 Intro
2 Waitress Omitsu Came Back
3 On the Way Home
4 Calendar
5 At the Bar 1
6 Neighbours
7 The Stranger
8 Tea Time
9 Sudative Luminareten
10 Apprentice Workmen Needed
11 At the Bar 2
12 Father & Son
13 At the Bar 3
14 A Walk
15 No Luck With Jobs
16 Dinner
17 Fumio
18 The Decision
19 Siren
20 Please, Surrender
21 Take Care Of Our Son
22 Outro

Your Hand In Mine consists of two students, Manos Milonakis and George Papadopoulos, from Thessaloniki, Greece, and play beautiful ambient, experimental music . They have taken their name from the a song of Explosions in the Sky. Their first self-titled album (EP) was released in 2007 in a 100 handmade cd copies. In the summer of 2007, they composed original music for Mikio Naruse’s (or here) silent masterpiece Every Night Dreams which they presented live at Thessaloniki’s International Film Festival in November. Every Night Dreams was officially released by Inner Ear label in 2008. There were supporting band in important gigs in Greece the past 2 years: Max Richter, Tuxedomoon and Manyfingers. Don't miss this one! Absolutely brilliant!

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