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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Bark Cat Bark - Iceland (Single) (2009)

Genre :
Experimental, Ambient, Classical, Acoustic, Folk, French Pop, UK, Beautiful!!!

Tracklist :

1. Iceland
2. Antarctique
3. Spring In Sacramento

Bark Cat Bark is the instrumental music project of multi-instrumentalist Josh Todd (born 18 April 1991). His music is recognized by its use of a large variety of instruments in relatively minimalist compositions, often with a touch of either European classical music or French folk music, using primarily the violin, piano and accordion with stranger instruments such as the Gayageum, Xaphoon and Kuhlohorn He has been compared to musicians such as Yann Tiersen, Zach Condon, and Owen Pallett.

Listening to Bark Cat Bark will put your mind in such serenity, which seems inconceivable in today’s world where we are always in a scurry to get from Point A to Point B. Grab a cup of tea, put the heater on, situate yourself on your favorite chair, pick up a book from the bookshelf and get lost in the harmony of Bark Cat Bark.

For Bark Cat Bark full album Á Lífi (2009), click here!


Alex said...

hey this guy is amazing - A Lifi is so beautiful. Does he have any other releases? I cant seem to track any of his other stuff down!

Nice blog

monoeits said...

thx u Alex,

You can check out An Astrologists Guide To The Stars In The Sky. It's another project from Josh (Bark Cat Bark).