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Sunday, March 1, 2009

Wixel - Clouds (2009) (AWESOME !!!)

Genre : Ambient, Electronica, Electrocoustic, Downtempo
or You can listen to/download the record in its entirety (and freely) Here!

Tracklist :

01. Cloud Formation
02. Rising Clouds
03. Cloud Fields
04. In Clouds
05. Fog Rainbow

Wixel is the indietronica outfit of young Belgian Wim Maesschalck. His music can be described as a warm & organic mix of acoustic instruments and gentle electronic treatments with a lot of care for detail and subtle nuances. Comparisons have been made to bands ranging from Hood to Fennesz, from Manyfingers to Sigur Rós.

From Wixel :
This is the second edition - February - of my awesome and/or stupid 2009 project. For those unaware of the project: It’s a challenge in which I force myself to record and release a record within each month of the year 2009. Read the news about the project, here!

Unlike the January edition called “Winter” there were no constraints for this record, but I quickly felt like I wanted to continue with an idea for music I already touched in “The Aesthetics of Clouds” which you can find on “Winter”. Dense yet soft sounds, slowly moving and progressing, a bit like ... clouds. Most of the songs rely heavily on a sort of tape delay plugin I have, which I fed any sound I felt was appropriate for coloring the cloud. Some compositions are more electronic, others more acoustic, but always cloudy. As you guessed by know, the record is titled “Clouds”. Comparing it to other artists is not so easy, but I would guess a mellow Tim Hecker drone might come close, or maybe you can sense a little bit of similarity to a Stars of the Lid or Mountains composition. I tried to make it drone out, lots of fuzzy/blurry sounds with an undercurrent of melancholic melodies. You should probably listen if this sounds a bit vague.

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