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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Paperfilm - You Should Call It (2008)

Genre : Electronica, Ambient, Experimental


1. You Go For Blue
2. Running Up and Down Stairs
3. Day Dae Pipes
4. Moto Electronics
5. Kelpico
6. One Two Three and Zero
7. No Seriously Man, Totally Gay
8. Follow Cart Through The Vegetable Aisle
9. Film 5
10. Casio To Nick's
11. Come Home
12. The Morning After
13. Geophagy
14. dp yjsd uiitoo
15. Don't Exhale, Inhale In Style
16. Nathaniel Likes To Dance
17. Lunar Kale
18. Type A
19. The Variable Hymn
20. Seven

Brenan Chambers releases his debut album "You Should Call It" under the moniker "Paperfilm" after 4 year effort. And he also play in The Pop Eccentric. And he give this album for free to download on his Myspace page.

Or... If you'd like to support Him and his album with a donation of any amount, It would greatly appreciate it! Both options are available via Paperfilm's Myspace Page, so it's up to you.

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