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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Bitcrush - Epilogue in Waves (2008) (AWESOME !!!)

Genre : Electronic, IDM, Post Rock, Shoegaze, Experimental, Ambient
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Tracklist :

1 Prologue (4:35)
2 An Island, A Penninsula (7:07)
3 Of Days (5:34)
4 Tides (5:27)
5 What Would Hope Be Without Disappointment (6:05)
6 Atreaux (2:10)
7 A False Movement, True (4:55)
8 Epilogue To Tides (5:25)
9 Pearl (10:06)
10 To Drown (2:44)

Bitcrush is the escapist solo project of Mike Cadoo (ex-Gridlock member). Contrary to his work in Gridlock and his earlier solo project as Dryft, Bitcrush strives to fuse live instrumentation with experimental electronica’s glitch-centric production techniques. His debut album (entitled Enarc) on Component Records was, by the artists admission, a snapshot of his musical history thus far. Earlier this year a follow-up EP was released via n5MD sister website en:peg Digital entitled Shimmer and Fade. Shimmer and Fade featured heavily processed digital fluctuations blended with genuine percussion, shimmering guitars, interwoven dual bass guitar work and a sprinkling of vocals throughout. Bitcrush is continuing to expand upon this style of fusing emotive electronics and live instrumentation to create post-rock and downtempo music.

Epilogue in Waves
, the third album to be released under Bitcrush, consists of 10 shoegazer selections, the majority of which are instrumental. Each song is a miniature journey with the music ranging from forceful to barely there. Though Cadoo is a very talented musician, this album makes it seem that he has gotten sidetracked in trying to get his listeners to feel, and meanwhile forgotten to develop his own creativity. The album is the perfect backdrop for melodramatic or overly dramatic days.

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