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Monday, March 16, 2009

The London Apartments - Signals & Cities Are Forever (2009) (AWESOME !!!)

Genre : Electronica, Ambient, Dream-Pop, Slowcore

Tracklist :

01. Fair is Fair
02. Bundle Up
03. Satellites
04. Oh, The Brightest Light
05. Dead Or Dying
06. Expelled
07. Forgot My Way Home
08. Telephone Lines
09. For Safe Keeping

The London Apartments is Justin A. Langlois.
Beginning as a bedroom recording project in 2003, The London Apartments have since released numerous EPs and singles on netlabels around the world, including Sundays in Spring and Sutemos, a debut album, "Romanticism Aside" on Sound of Pop Records and an E.P., "Logistics & Navigation" on Beggars Banquet.

The music video for Put A Jacket On (directed by Sean Wainsteim) from "Romanticism Aside" was featured on MuchMusic's the Wedge, while the video for Summer Takes All My Time (directed by Danielle Sabelli & J.Anthony Langlois) from "Logistics & Navigation" was added into rotation on MuchMusic, featured on the Indie Spotlight and the Wedge.

The London Apartments have toured across Canada, showcased at NXNE and CMW and played online audio-only shows from various living rooms.

Music for the upcoming new album, "Signals & Cities Are Forever", has been in the works for the better part of a year, slowly being completed, reworked and nurtured.

Langlois is currently entering the MFA program at the University of Windsor, Visual Arts, studying Integrated Media, while working for the environmental art project, Green Corridor. Windsor is still industrial, automotive and a point of terribly aware contrast between its urban core and surrounding countryside. Though certainly not a concept album, "Signals & Cities Are Forever" will frame its sound around this contrast, matching the hardscaped reality of the city with the delicate nature around it. There is much to come.

However, I'm making available the new album, "Signals & Cities Are Forever" available for download as of today. It's 3 days away from my 25th birthday, so consider it a birthday present for me if you find the time to download and listen to it.

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