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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Konntinent - Degrees Integers (2009)

Genre : Electronica, Ambient, Experimental

Tracklist :

01 Nassau Tree
02 Broken Sleep in an Empty Room
03 The Partisan
04 my shoulders are as wide as your hope is heavy
05 Call Gignas
06 Syckl Cell
07 Grasp of Math (integers edit)
08 This Searing Heat
09 It was almost effortless
10 Primary Tertiary

Joint album of the week is one that came up stealthily and twatted us blindstyle a week or two back while we were dutifully ploughing our way through stereo fodder. We get an awful lot of this homely electronic ambient post-rock kind of thing and for the most part it leaves me bored shitless but even I joined in the praise for this Konntinent CD on Symbolic Interaction - along with everyone else in the office. The qualitys pretty obvious from the off, with tracks veering between drifty melancholy and tense Godspeed atmospherics, but about halfway through things really start to pick up along with the introduction of more experimental elements. You get humming Raster Noton basslines pulsing their way through tracks, one that evokes the sound of an alien abduction from start to finish (complete with garbled sounds from your malfunctioning TV), one that sounds like a minimalist Shadow of a Doubt by Sonic Youth (complete with breathy female lyrics) and a lovely finale bathed in the glorious sunshine of droning Tangerine Dream-style synths. However, the best is blatantly This Searing Heat, a track grounded rhythmically by a fantastic, repetitious sound thats part Jaws, part loosened bass string and part ticking clock (a la Global Communications 14:31). An organ type sound underscores the tension while bursts of interferance and whirlwinds of static try their best to break through, gradually overpowering the other elements. Its like Ive been pulled into the Poltergeist TV and now Slow Norris is stalking me. And its all happening in reverse. Its an absolute beauty and probably worth the cheapy cheap price of entry alone, so the fact that theres plenty more goodness to be had is a bit of a bloody boon, is it not?

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