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Friday, October 10, 2008

I Am Robot and Proud - Uphill City (2008)

Genre : Electronica, IDM ,Experimental, Synth-Pop

Tracklist :

1. Something to Write Home About
2. Uphill City
3. Making a Case for Magic
4. The Melt
5. 401 Circuit
6. Island Life
7. Storm of the Century
8. The Risk
9. Song for Two Wheels
10. Train Station Lullaby

I Am Robot And Proud is the name Toronto native Shaw-han Liem works under to create his singular brand of hypnotic, beguiling electronic pop music. Uphill City is the highly anticipated full-length follow-up to his very popular 2006 album The Electricity in Your House Wants to Sing. Like the previous record, Uphill City is electronic pop music that energizes the listener and refreshes the ear yet Shaw-han's skill as clever pop composer has grown even more mesmerizing. Shawn-han says the theme of the new record is that of struggle and achievement in the big city. IARAP is syncopated multi-instrumental rhythms and playful, repetitive multi-dimensional melodies -- just the elixir your head needs. Shaw-Han mixes acoustic instrumentation; piano, guitar and drums seamlessly with his unique electronic keyboard sounds and percussive elements. This isn't difficult, experimental IDM that pulls the listener off the left side of the dial. This is complex composition that manages to simply delight. It’s an exciting sound that gives one the feeling of flying fast & free through a heavenly modern green world of pop, beauty, and sunshine. Your brain chemicals are sure to be balanced after the first minute into the title track. “Since the 2006 album, i have done some traveling and playing shows around the world and visiting many cities. Its interesting for me to see how everyone is living in different ways but there are still similarities. In English, the word "Uphill" has a kind of a double meaning. It can be positive like "things are looking up", or it can mean something is very difficult like "uphill battle". I thought the city was like a symbol for the challenges that happen in your life.”

[me]Thx to sir Mayo @ IP for the link ;)

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