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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Yo La Tengo - They Shoot, We Score (2008)

Genre :
Experimental, it's a YO LA TENGO SCORE ALBUM!!!

Tracklist :

1. Leaving Home
2. Getting Lost
3. Path to Springs
4. Driving Home
5. Leaving Home (alternate version)
6. Old Joy: End Credits


7. Ashley
8. Meerkats
9. Madeline
10. A Roomful of Ladies (outtake)
11. David Wark
12. Aftermath (outtake)
13. George


14. This Could Be It
15. The Phantom Who Haunts Broadway
16. Game Time
17. Pharaoh Blues
18. Zoo Chant
19. Love Chant
20. Asbestos
21. Return of the Pharaoh
22. Spec Bebop
23. Buckner's Boner


24. Isolation Tank
25. Panic in Central Park (outtake)
26. Panic in Central Park
27. Wizard's Sleeve

titled They Shoot, We Score, via their own Egon imprint on September 5.

It contains music from the movies Old Joy (starring Will Oldham), Junebug (featuring but not starring Will Oldham), Game 6, and Shortbus. (Their music for the forthcoming Ryan Reynolds vehicle Adventureland didn't make the cut.)

Of the 27 instrumental tracks on They Shoot, We Score, 26 are previously unreleased. The CD comes with a booklet containing posters for each movie "from around the world," according to the band's website.

Yo La Tengo will start shipping They Shoot, We Score on the aforementioned September 5 release date. On that date, a digital download option will also become available.

YLT have a handful of shows this summer and fall. Their next one is a free show at Brooklyn's McCarren Park Pool on August 24.

[me]A movie score album is always interested me.
Thx to sir Mayo @ IP :)

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