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Monday, September 1, 2008

Windy & Carl - Antarctica (AWESOME !!!)

Genre :
Ambient, Post-rock, Experimental


Tracklist :

01. Antarctica
02. Traveling
03. Sunrise

Released as the second instalment of Darla's Bliss Out series back in 1997, this album has aged unbelievably well. Antarctica could be a how-to guide for fashioning timeless, organic drone music, and the first lesson here is that you really don't need much in the way of electronics or fancy equipment to make a statement. The opening piece sprawls across 22-minutes of shimmering, horizontal guitar, while crunching loops - sounding like trodden-on snow - carve out a rhythmic element, ultimately resembling the kind of approach Biosphere has been known to adopt for his own frozen ambiences. The two shorter ensuing tracks are more focussed on guitar sounds, finding themselves filtered and treated with delays to create a chilly, windswept aesthetic on 'Travelling', before 'Sunrise' opens up a little more, revealing more pronouncedly melodic chord sequences. Amazing stuff.

"Antarctica is three long, cold drones that you could wrap yourself up in but still find room to breathe. Like the great howl of bastard cold over an icy plain, Windy and Carl don't cozy up to you as much as they pour liquid nitrogen down your pants and smash your ass with a hammer. Fans of Flying Saucer Attack, Brian Eno's ambient works, and Slowdive would be best advised to yank this like it were a pud. (Be sure to pick up Drawing of Sound while you're at it.)" (pitchforkmedia)

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