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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Peter Bjorn And John - Seaside Rock (2008)

Genre : Instrumental album by PBJ.


01 Inland Empire
02 Say Something (Mukiya)
03 Favour of the Season
04 Next Stop Bjursele
05 School of Kraut
06 Erik's Fishing Trip
07 Needles and Pills
08 Norrlands Riviera
09 Barcelona
10 At the Seaside

Seaside Rock, the album Peter, Bjorn and John have been hinting at since the spring, is finally ready to rock. A vinyl- and digital- only release, it will come out in the U.S. on Almost Gold/Star Time International on September 23. The U.S. edition is limited to 5000 LPs, each accompanied by a download code. (V2 will release the album in the trio's native Sweden, while Wichita will handle it in the UK.)

It turns out that Seaside Rock isn't a completely instrumental album after all. According to a press release written by PB&J themselves, "As homage to Peter Bjorn and John's respective hometowns they wanted to feature the voice and dialect from each of the three areas. So apart from the instrumental soundtrack to the lonely childhood of northern Scandinavia you can also hear three monologues about some sort of seaside. The stories are read by a real saxophone player from Norsjö, a grandfather from Vika and the hairdresser Siw from Piteå."

The album was recorded in spring 2007 at the same studio in Sweden where Abba recorded most of their material. Its sound was inspired by "the memory of the sound of the Swedish music school orchestras from hell," according to PB&J's press release. (Actually, this press release they wrote is pretty funny. So we've included most of it below the jump.)

After a spate of solo shows in support of this year's The Last Tycoon, Peter Morén will rejoin Bjorn Yttling and John Eriksson for a spate of full band dates in the early fall.

[me]PBJ release an instrumental album? That's sound interesting. Once again, Thx to my friend @ IP ;)

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