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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The Jimmy Cake - Spectre & Crown (2008) (AWESOME !!!)

Genre : Post-rock, Experimental
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Tracklist :

01. Red Tony
02. Jetta's Palace
03. Nuberu
04. The Day The Arms That Came Out Of The Wall
05. Haunted Candle
06. Collapsing Cloud Night At The Starry Sky
07. The Art Of Wrecking
08. Hugs For Buddy
09. Last Breath

An especially good piece of classically grounded instrumental post-rock from
Irish band The Jimmy Cake. This is the band's third album and finds them
succeeding at extending and developing a formula that in a lesser ensemble's
hands could have come across as potentially repetitive. The variety in the
instrumentation prevents these lengthy tracks from outstaying their welcome
however, and Spectre & Crown proves itself to be an engrossing listen - not to
mention a really good name for a pub. For every high energy piece like 'Jetta's
Palace' the album balances itself out with a more pensive outing like
'Collapsing Cloud Night At The Starry Sky' or the digitally fogged over drone
piece 'Nuberu'. One of the very finest inclusions here is the curiously titled
'The Day The Arms That Came Out Of The Wall', which has a close run in with the
complex multi-instrumental exchanges of a Jaga Jazzist record, and then later
comes another highlight: 'The Art Of Wrecking' finds the band getting a bit Max
Richter, dabbling with rainy electroacoustic samples. Highly recommended.

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