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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Le Mépris - Le Mépris (AWESOME !!!)

Genre : Ambient, Experimental, Piano

Tracklist :

01 le mépris - hikkikomori
02 le mépris - susu
03 le mépris - aki
04 le mépris - kodo
05 le mépris - hashirihaki suru
06 le mépris - shibo
07 le mépris - yuki piano
08 le mépris - kuki

Reiko Matane, a female Japanese piano player is presenting her first release. The selftitled mini album “Le Mépris” is featuring eight very calm piano songs straight from the heart. This album is an unique musical experience and reminding us on the little things that count - in every aspect.

“This stunning release on the mighty aerotone label will hold on time. Through all rushing, pushing, hurrying in nowadays life, this music acts like a tender stop of any clocks. Release all redundant and needless brain-activities and calm down completely to this intense look into Reiko Matanes (a female Japanese piano player) intimate thoughts and feelings. Attend her through her wonderful, endogenous and sincere music. Best for these rainy or snowy winter evenings in front of a fireside,,, Fantastic!” -

"impressive first release, the selftitled "le Mépris" is a source of subtlety and high skill ... i am certain that George Delerue would have more than a simple interest for the more than perfect miniatures of Miss Reiko Matane." -

"delicious and delictate selection of minimal piano ambience from one of my top-ten netlabels" - hiddenplacemusic

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