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Saturday, September 6, 2008

Iglomat - Iglomat (2008) (AWESOME !!!)

Genre :
Post-rock, Ambient


1. Dial Wookie
2. Tornadic Activity
3. Augustus Loop
4. Apollo 18
5. Actung Kitler
6. Federal
7. Stormtroopers Of Gentrification
8. Dolphins From Wales
9. Two By Two
10. Neo War

‘Iglomat’s self titled album is a Ginger minimalist threesome collaboration, via the inner space of satellite communications. i.e, from opposite sides of the globe. What does the name mean? The band don’t even know, but it’s not important in your mid 30’s as much as having a broadband connection and pro tools. This 3 year, almost all instrumental project could easily play in any top 10 post-rock radio retirement home. ‘Cmon the ‘Mat! -Rolling Stone

[me]It's a nice debut album. Thx to sir Mayo @ IP ;)

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